Thank you for your interest in Safe Harbor Farm’s K-9 Rescue & Rehabilitation Center.  To narrow our search for the right person to be our new shelter coordinator, we’ve created a three-step process, the better to communicate with interested applicants who have the skills and temperament most suited for SHF's mission and our dogs.  Since a good sense of organization and good time management are both skills we’re looking for, we hope you can appreciate the importance of this process.


Ask yourself these eight questions.  If the answer to each one is a solid YES, please continue to our step two.  If any answer is no, we will not be a good match.

(1) Have you read each and every page on our website to familiarize yourself with our mission and our history?

(2) Do you put Cesar’s Way into practice with your own dogs on a daily basis, and are your dogs a pleasure to take into public areas as a result?  (Remember: “trying to do this” is not the same as doing it.)

(3) Do you have all of the characteristics listed in our job description (honesty & integrity, good organization & communication skills (both oral & written), neatness, attention to details, the ability to lead & motivate others toward excellence, no addictive habits and financial stability & maturity (good record-keeping skills & conservative handling of funds))?

(4) Do you have veterinary, veterinary tech, shelter or rescue experience?

(5) Are you looking for a long-term position (6 years, plus)?

(6) Do you have excellent job-related references?

(7) Are you available to start a new position within 4 weeks of hire?

(8) Are you available for a one-week visit to SHF within the next month?


Please ask yourself these six questions.  If your answer to all of them is a definite YES, please go on to step three.  If your answer is no, our position will not be a good match for you.

(A) Are you happy doing lots of hands-on, outdoors work?  (Indoor & office work is only 35% of the work that our coordinator will be doing.)

(B) Do you enjoy being physically fit?  (While coordinating the outdoor work of others is one aspect of our position, working alongside our volunteers to manage projects & events is common.)

(C) Are you good at seeing the “big picture” in any given situation, and are you good at triaging new tasks as the day goes on?  (We’re looking for a person who can walk into a room, determine quickly the three most important things needing to be done and start on the first one… like excellent vet techs are trained to do)

(D) Do you take direction well, and are you good at reporting back to the “head guy?”

(E) Is working toward a mission important to you? 

(F) Can your lifestyle deal with flexible schedules?  (SHF hours can be long some days due to the needs of the animals & varied on other days due to the weather, but they all work out in the end.)


Feel free to send us a cover letter and resume, either at the above address or via e-mail at safeharborfarmadoptions@hotmail.com.  Place the following code at the top of your cover letter to indicate that you have read this page:

Please note that the best resumes are those that describe (and demonstrate) your skills while, at the same time, give us a sense of your personality.  Please do not use hyperbole (we'll recognize it for what it is) or bigger words than necessary (it comes across as insecurity).  We just want to know what you can do and what you are like.

Please check your resume for readability and typos, at least twice.  Sloppy editing is one of the most common reasons we disregard resumes.  Our directors & our volunteers appreciate that!