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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Agent Williams
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
Do you want to be a member of Illuminati as a brotherhood
that will make you rich and famous in the world and have
power to control people in the high place in the worldwide
.Are you a business man or woman,artist, political,
musician, student, do you want to be rich, famous, powerful
in life, join the Illuminati brotherhood cult today and get
instant rich sum of. 2 million dollars in a week, and a free
home.any where you choose to live in this world and also
get 10,000,000 U.S dollars monthly as a salary %u2026
1. A Cash Reward of USD $500,000 USD
2. A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $300,000 USD
3.A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice
4. One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream tourist
5.One year Golf Membership package
6.A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World 7.A total
Lifestyle change 8.Access to Bohemian Grove
9.Monthly payment of $1,000,000 USD into your bank
account every month as a member
10.One Month booked Appointment with Top 5 world
Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities in the World.
If you are interested of joining us in the great brotherhood of
illuminati contact us no
+2348051296632 or email:
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Oscar
From: Russia
E-mail: Contact
My name is Oscar am from Russia ,All thanks goes to Dr. OSUKO for saving my marriage from toning apart.i feel so grateful and only have good words about a powerful spell caster named DR.OSUKO who helped me bring back my wife. We had been apart for 4 months, at first I was thinking if I was doing the right thing by contacting a spell caster, but I so much love my wife and won't give her up for anything in this world. I decided to contact through his mail address I found on several testifiers messages online,and I told him about my situation, he laughed and told me my wife will be back to me in the next 48 hours. I felt it wasn't going to happen at first until my wife called me and was so eager to have me back more than anything on earth.. Now we are together and she cant do without me,and both of us are happy. I feel so happy sharing this testimony because there was no negative act attached to his work. His work was smooth and fast. Thanks to DR.OSUKO for bringing back happiness to my life. I swear with my life that Dr.OSUKO is a man to trust and take your problems to. You can contact him on his e-mail if you really truly want your love back.:,,,
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: David Smith
From: Usa
E-mail: Contact
eamil;; If you do not want to
join do not read this message.
Rules * You must be above 18 years of age. *
You must have full access to the internet. * You
must not discuss the secret of the Illuminati to
anyone. * We are not interested in anyone who
has obtained their knowledge about the
Illuminati based on what they %u2019ve
HEARD from Mass Media (News or Performing
Arts), Conspiracy Theorists (Amateur or
Professional Authors or Speculators), Internet
Rumors, or other HERESY. * Once you join the
Illuminati within one week of your membership
you will achieved the greatest goal in life and
also have wealth and fame and 18millionusd
we be give to you ask a new member. * No one
discard the message of the GREAT ILLUMINATI
if discarded the person will be tormented both
day and night.Failure to compel to the order
and rules of the GREAT ILLUMINATI shall see
your fame and riches taken back. * The money
ALWAYS flows TOWARDS Illuminati
members…And AWAY from NON Illuminati
members… One of the rules of the Illuminati
is”We don’t talk about the Illuminati”so I can’t
say too much about it here. If you are truly
interested and get back to me on +2348126369970 OR whatsApp
+2347031574707 Do not play mind games that
is how when i want to join the illuminati i was
think if this is going to work until i met this
right man and call him, +2347031574707
thank the great illuminati
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mr pascal
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
I am giving a testimony of how i become rich and famous today... i was deeply strangled up by poverty and i had no body to help me, and also i search for help from different corners but to no avail... i see people around me getting rich but to me i was so ashamed of my self so i met a man on my way he was very rich and he was a doctor so he told me something and i think over it though out the day so the next day i looked up and i keep repeating what he said to me. " if you want to get rich quick and be famous" you need to cross your heart and do what is in your A mind so i tried all i could in other for me to do as Join the illuminate call Mr Pascal (+2349030803982) Join the great Illuminati Freemason today, Do you want to become a business Man/Woman, or you are seeking for wisdom and knowledge, Pastor,Politician, Musician, Doctor, Footballer, Student, Do you want be a Famous Artist. or an Actor (e t.c) and you want to be Rich, Powerful and be Famous in the world and also get sum of $20,000,000.00 dollars with a free home of your choice to live in the world and also be getting $70,000,000.00 as monthly salary and also been giving money to start up a business of your own choice… interested contact great agent Mr Pascal ( THANKS TO GREAT ILLUMINATI
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: dennis
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
My name is Dennis i want to share my life experience to every body on how i join the great illuminati and i become rich and famous in life email us or call us +18589057790 beware many of this post on how to join illuminati are not real i was scammed before, but finally a friend of mine introduce me to the right way to join the illuminati. I was very poor I cannot take care of my family I was confuse and i do not know what to do until I decided to become the member of illuminati I contacted them and today I am among the richest man in my country. I was able to have many industry and i change the life story of my family, today we are living happily. Are you a boy or girl suffering from poverty here is the opportunity for you to join the illuminati and become rich and famous or you are a business man or woman or a star who want to seek power to become famous and powerful you can email us or call us +18589057790
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mark Gabriel
From: United States
E-mail: Contact
Hello everyone around the world, here is an opportunity for you to join the illuminati brotherhood to become rich and famous WhatsApp Danny Glover on +1 (716) 423-2479 Or E-mail him on
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: mr frank
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHER HOOD TODAY AND LIVE A BETTER AND HAPPY LIFE. WELCOME TO THE GREAT TEMPLE OF RICHES,FAME AND POWERS. Are you a business,Man or woman, politician, musician,pastor,lawyer,actor,actress,banker, and you. want to be rich, powerful and be famous in life. You can achieve your dreams by being a member of the Great ILLUMINATI brother hood. With this all your dreams and heart desire can be fully accomplish, if you really want to be a member of the great ILLUMINATI brother hood, Note: newly recruited members are entitled with 600,000 US Dollars , A Golden Ring, that will protect and guild you from enemies, and a free visa to United State Of America . Please will do not share blood. Kindly what app us on +2348169193901 or email us on
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: samson kojo
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
I want to share my experience with everyone. I have been hearing about this blank ATM card for a while and I never really paid any interest to it because of my doubts. Until one day i discovered a hacker called alliance hacker, he is really good at doing job. I requested for a Blank ATM Card and I have told me that I have been able to provide one for me .. card card that is programmed for random money withdraws without being noticed and can also be used for free online purchases of any kind. is was shocking and i still had my doubts. Then i gave it to try and asked for the card and agreed to their terms and conditions. Hoping and praying it was not a scam. One week later I received my card and tried it with the ATM machine close to me, It worked like magic. I was able to withdraw up to $ 8,000. This was unbelievable and the happiest day of my life. So far i have been able to withdraw up to $ 30,000 without any stress of being caught. I do not know why I am posting this, I just felt this might help those of us in need of financial stability. ATM ATM has really changed my life. If you want to contact them,
Here is the email address ALLIANCEHACKER999@GMAIL.COM
the world needs our help to become very rich and famous '' .. anything is possible to achieve
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: lordlugard
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
JOIN THE GREAT ILLUMINATI IN Wherever you are in the world
today; RICH AND CELEBRATED. Are you one?
Man, Woman, Businessman, Student, Military Personnel, Official
etc., who wished to be rich and famous? Here is a good
Opportunity to join the world Great Illuminati Association. I promise
You, if you are able to join your life, will never stay like that
In the same way, you will continue to make a breakthrough in the work of
your hand and you will continue to prosper. Please note that we are not
Share the blood here and you have to be someone who knows how to keep the secret
very good and your first benefit we will be
$ 5 million.

Contact by email

We are waiting for your answer
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Submitted by Comments:
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
Do you want to be a member of the great brotherhood of Illuminati?
we are going to make you rich famous and to be a world known star,
get a good job, to win elections and get into a political power we are
going to enrich you in all your endeavors empowerment and you will
never loose any case in court or were ever, you will have powers to
control people in high places email us now at
you can WhatsApp our number +2349022970337 beware you must be
18 years and above if you know you are not interested
never you attempt to this post be warned.
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