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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Harrison Ramsey
From: Finland
E-mail: Contact
Black ATM
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this BLANK ATM CARD when I was searching for job online about a month
ago..It has really changed my life for good and now I can say I'm rich and
I can never be poor again. The least money I get in a day with it is about
$5,000.Every now and then I keeping pumping money into my account. Though
is illegal, there is no risk of being caught ,because it has been programmed
in such a way that it is not traceable,it also has a technique that makes
it impossible for the CCTVs to detect you..For details on how to get yours
today, contact via email on harrisonramsey8@gmail or whatsapp/call on
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: steven Waitley
From: New York
E-mail: Contact
Hello viewers,My name is Steven Waitley,and i want to introduce this doctor who cured my disease with his miraculous and spiritual powers,herbal healing powers and herbal medicines from natural herbal plants after many years of suffering . DR.Egodi he is a leading herbalist healer on the entire African continent. He use pure natural herbal remedies and his ancestral powers to heal and solve all sicknesses, infections as well as solving all problems in nature of mankind, He is blessed with a very powerful gift to cure people, he use traditional medicine and Natural product to cure HIV AND AIDS, MADNESS, CANCER, ETC. And also he does LOVE SPELLS and so many others like,
1 HIV /aids cure
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7 alas
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9 hepatitis B
10 HPV Virus
For more information, E-mail Dr.Egodi don't die in silents.


Call him directly on +2348073022041.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Philip Robin
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
If i was told that becoming a member of the great brotherhood of Illuminati is as easy as reading ABCD i would not believe, this is because i have so fall victim of scam circumstance.
Brothers and Sisters, this is my story on how i successfully became a member of Illuminati. My name is Philip Robin, i live in Texas USA. Few years ago i lost my parents to a car accident and my mom was very ill after the death of my dad. Taking her to the hospital was hell for me because we were poor so i begin to grave for wealth and power because money rules the world.
This prompted me to look for a society and join where i can get wealth, power and fame so i meant a friend who said he read about a post on a blog online on how to become a member of the great Illuminati so i was very interested, and i collected the contact details of the agent from my friend but behold it was a scam. I got another contact from my girlfriend i contacted, and i made some payment for my initiation, But behold again it was a scam i lost thousands of $$$ to these fake agent who pretended to help people become a member of this great cult. So i lost focus and interest in becoming a member because i don't know if the nest agent i would be introduced to will also be a scam. So on a very good day i meant with my cousin who told me that his best friend have successfully become a member of the brotherhood, so i was very interested and i begged him for the contact of his friend. So he gave me his friend's contact and i contacted his friend and explained myself to him so he promised to help me. He introduced me to agent Thompson Mark who is incharge of the Illuminati recruitment in USA. so i emailed agent Thompson Mark on and he replied me requesting for some of my information but i was afraid at this stage because i thought he would ask me to pay some money again, and off cause i was not having anymore money to pay. But i was very surprised when he told me that i don't have to pay a dine to become a member of the great brotherhood of Illuminati so i was curious to know more and he explained all to me that those who live in USA don't pay to become a member except those who live overseas i.e outside USA so in a hurry i did all that was required and i was initiated into the brotherhood. as i speak with you i am a confirm member of the brotherhood of Illuminati and i am very wealthy now and famous. So i bring the good news to you all. if you are in USA please you don't pay a dine to become a member but outside USA, you might be requested to pay some fee. so if you are interested and want to become a true member without being scammed in a hurry contact agent Thompson Mark on this email: and if you are outside the USA contact the international agent with either call or whatsApp on +2349024338906 GREAT BROTHERHOOD! GREAT ILLUMINATI
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: john
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
My people i bring to you good news, and this is my joy and happiness. people say To become a member of the illuminati is a very difficult task. but i bring to your notice that to become a bonafide member of the brotherhood have been made very easy. sometime ago i was just eager to become a member, and i meant so many persons who never showed me the right way. few months ago i saw so many people testifying of how agent adams linked them up, and they become a complete member of the brotherhood. so i decided to contact Mr adams who gave me the right link to become a member. i followed all the steps, and today i am a proud member of the brotherhood of Illuminati. so i want you all to help me say a big thanks to agent adams. In case you have been aspiring to become a member of the brotherhood, and you have not meet the right person before now, i want to tell you to quickly contact the right Illuminati agent now. he is no other person than Mr adams. the mission of the brotherhood now is to wipe away suffering and hardship away from the life of all. so if you are a business man/woman, an artist, a pastor, a working class, and do you want wealth,fame,protection,long life, prosperity just name it just as i have now, the illuminati is ready to help you achieve your agent paul on the illuminati email: or whatsapp him on +2349064844957 and become a legitimate member, join us today and become rich, powerful, famous all your life.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: agent zion
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
This is a great temple of the Illuminati
were you find, riches, power and fame,
are you a business man or woman, are
you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer,
are you a student or graduate, who so
ever you are in all over the world dose
not matter to us, what matter a lot to
us is to see you happy and rich, we are
giving you the chance here to be what
so ever you want to be in life, join the
Illuminati secret brothers hood and get
all you need in life, we offer every thing
you need in life, if you are really ready
to make it in life is better you join us
now! Email...
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Tiffany
E-mail: Contact
I am Tiffany Camper by name, I want to appreciate Dr Kunle Adeniyi from Ijebu Ode(Yoruba Land) for saving the unstable relationship I've always had with my fiance. I was desperate and needed to do anything to get my fiance back, I contacted Dr Kunle through a friend who Dr. Kunle help reunite her home to cast a spell for me. Dr Kunle prepare for me a soap, powder and a perfume and send it to me. He gave me prescription on how to use it which i did and to my surprise, my fiance called me on phone, apologizing for his errors and came to see me that same day I use the medicine Dr. Kunle sent to me. Today, we are back and better and our love knows no bound. All thanks to Dr. Kunle Adeniyi for the help. He is also specializes in curing viruses and diseases like Arthritis, HIV, HERPES, ALS, HPV, HBV, HCV, CANCER, PENIS ENLARGEMENT, BREAST AND BUTTOCKS ENLARGEMENT AND Many other incurable disease. You can reach him with
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: hindes
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
People make life difficult for their self , we are in the world were every thing is in control , i was living a life of poverty and pains, i never new there was a life be young that, but right now i enjoyed every dividend of life , am rich , famous , powerful,i live a life with out no stress, but all this was a surprise , for any body who want riches famous and power,then you have the chance to do that, join the illuminati today to get $25000 every 3 days and $1000000 monthly membership blessing contact the following email. call or whatssap contact, +2348066163720 we don,t patronize people to join,. we only want you to rule your world and be free from oppression.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: JOHN
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
GREETINGS!!!!! FROM THE GREAT GRAND MASTER! IN REGARDS. OF YOU BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE GREAT ILLUMINATI, WE WELCOME YOU. Be part of something profitable and special (WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE ILLUMINATI). Are you a POLITICIAN, ENGINEER,DOCTOR, ENTERTAINER,MOD EL,GRADUATE/ STUDENT,OR YOU HAVE IT IN MIND TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS/ COMPANIES TO BECOME GREAT MINDS. It is pertinent to also know that For becoming a member, you earn the sum of $1,000,000 as the illuminati membership salary monthly.Be a part of this GOLDEN "OPPORTUNITY" The great illuminati Organization makes you rich and famous in the world, it will pull you out from the grass root and take you to a greater height were you have long aspired to be and together we shall rule the world with the great and mighty power of the Illuminati, long life and prosperity here on earth with eternal life and jubilation. You can whaspp us on {+2349030313722} or email {]
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: william pola
From: uk
E-mail: Contact
William pola the Illuminati official
agent,i am from united kingdom and
I join Illuminati in US,i have been
give the alternative to expose
Illuminati to the universe that
Illuminati is real when you met the
rightful agent like me William pola ,i
have been an agent to this
brotherhood more than eight year
now and I am still a member and
agent,don't be afraid to contact us
if you are willing to join this
fraternity, this fraternity welcome
anybody in this wide world,this
comment is been post by head
office,the last comment that was
past by the head office in UK was
been using by fraudsters and the
comment has been stopped by the
Lord and from now upward (4
August 2016) we the Illuminati
have stop using it because a lot
of scammed are now creating a
fake UK number,that is why will
have come with new identity
number to locate the rightful agent
by calling the head office
not in UK anymore,ignore +44 has
head office from today 4 August
2016 and start calling +2349064851206has head
office number for conform,be ware
that no need for calling UK number
has Illuminati head office,is now
located in some were around Nigeria ,for confirmation call
To join call william pola at
+(2349064851206) or In-box us
on E-mail:
or visit us on website at
Beware that will the Illuminati is
now working on a new program to
limited fraudsters and scammer
that always use our comment to
aim and achieve,please don't call UK
number has head office has
confirmation,it has be bandy by us
the Illuminati now at 4 august 2016
call +2349064851206 as
confirmation number,no need of
contacting us mobile chat as face-
book,imo,Eskimi,you are ask to
whatsapp an E-mail us,for
joining,don't face-book any agent,it
is not our access to join on face-
book chat,the only alternative to
join is to E-mail/whatsapp William pola at +2349064851206
The rightful identity of us the
HEAD OFFICE: +1(862)260-4433
WHATSAPP: +(234)9064851206
CALL: +(234)9064851206
Be aware of scammer and contact
us the real Illuminati,reach us
through William pola from now,
Fake identity of us Illuminati this
list below:
Head office is not located in UK
anymore, don't add anybody with
UK number and don't E-mail any
email that is not
Please don't lead yourself to
fraudsters all the name of
Illuminati,the complain of I have
been scam is more than what will
can complicated with!save your
self by contacting us through this
comment of us the Illuminati head
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Submitted by Comments:
From: Canada
E-mail: Contact
My name is Mr. JOHN ALEX, I am 33 years old and I based in Canada. I want to notify the general public how I was helped by Illuminati temple in regaining back my business position after been sacked for about a year and six months. I have been in pains and trouble since when I was sacked from the company where I work called Canada Deposit Insurance corporation in Ottawa (headquarter) in Canada as an agency executive. I have been hopeless, financially down through out that year. But one day as I was browsing through the Internet I came across the post of Mr. John an Illuminati agent saying you can be famous, rich and successful in life by been a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood, immediately I contacted him and I explained everything to him and he recommended me and he helped me by initiating me to the Great Illuminati Brotherhood and also he gave me all the guidelines and told me their place of worship. With the help of Mr. John I was able to go to the temple and there I was initiated fully as a complete Illuminati member. Surprisingly 40 hours after I was initiated, I receive a call from the company that I have been accepted back again as the agency executive of the company at first I was shocked and surprised but latter regain myself, I was told to resume work the next day by 7:00am. Starting from that day I and my family had been living a joyful and a luxurious life. So viewers who are interested in becoming a member of the Illuminati Brotherhood and also wants to be famous, rich, wealthy and gain power should peacefully contact Mr. John on his email address on ( or you can as well call him on +2349060961651 or add him up on whatsapp on +2349060961651) . Be a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood and achieve all your heart desire and accomplish your dreams. Thanks to the Great Illuminati Brotherhood....
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