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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Kathrine Haley
How my marriage was brought back to life by Professor Rojo Spiritual Magical Spell

I am Kathrine Haley, i just want to share my testimony with the world on how Professor Rojo the powerful spiritualist brought back my husband back to me. Please read my good news carefully and i am sure it will affect your life positively on how my husband returned back home!

I had been living in great bondage for the past 4 years suffering in the hands of a cheating husband. We were living happily until he meant his old time girl friend and he started dating her again outside our marriage and before i knew it he stopped caring for his own family, to the extent that he was planning to marry her and divorce me. I cried and reported him to his family members but he never listened to anyone and to cut the story short, i came in search for a real spell caster who could destroy their relationship and make him come back to me and our 2 kids again; on my search i saw people sharing testimony on how their marriage was restored by Professor Rojo and, then i pick his email and told him the problem that i was going through, and he agreed to help me and told me never to worry. After he had finished casting the spell, on the second day, they both had a quarrel and he beat up his girlfriend, break up with her and he returned back home begging me to forgive him that his eyes are clear now that he will never do anything that will hurt his family again and promise to be a caring father and never to cheat on me again. I am so glad that i did not lose him to the girl and all appreciation goes to Professor Rojo for his great work. You are a Great spell caster and to you all that are faced with this similar problem in your matrimonial home, please contact him now on &

NOTE: He cast spells for different purposes like:

1 If you want to be promoted in your office.
2 If you always have bad dreams or nightmare at night.
3 If you want your Ex-Lover back with immediate effect
4 You want women / men to run after you.
5 If you want fruit of the Womb
6 You want to be rich.
7 You want to tie your husband/wife to be yours forever.
8 If you need financial assistance.
9 Herbal care on Various kinds of infections
10 Professor Rojo can heal barrenness in women and disorder menstruation
11 Professor Rojo can guarantee you promotion at work / salary increase
12 Professor Rojo can help you get a well paying job
13 Spell for Gay and Lesbian Love
14 Do you need spiritual power to enhance victory in politics
15 Professor Rojo can also do good luck spell for you to succeed in all areas of life
16 Do you need a spell to win lottery irrespective of where you lives?
17 Do you need protection spell to over danger?
18 Are you a business man or woman and you want your business to flourish on a daily basis?
19 Do you want people to always obey your command or you want your decision to always surpass others in the area of decision making?
20 Do you want to be famous as a musician, footballer, basketball, athlete, actor/actress... e.t.c

Please, get in contact with Professor Rojo Greatest Spiritualist ever known. You known that you had been suffering from any of the above mentioned cases. You can write professor Rojo through emails: & Mobile contact: +2349024517344
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Submitted by Comments:
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
It is a well-known fact that Illuminati consist of Multi Millionaires, Billionaires who have major influence regarding most global affairs, including the planning of a New World Order. Many world leaders, Presidents, Prime Ministers, royalty and senior executives of major Fortune 500 companies are members of Illuminati. join a secret cabal of mysterious forces and become rich with boundless measures of wealth in your company or any given business, the great Illuminati can make everything possible just contact : or call +2348077309081,+2348105813057 EL IAI LEXION Thaddeus Iam Vice-President of Citizen Outreach THE ILLUMINATI ORGANIZATION
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: jim peterson
From: USA
E-mail: Contact
This is a great temple of the Illuminati
were you find, riches, power and fame,
are you a business man or woman, are
you a pastor or politicians or a lecturer,
are you a student or graduate, who so
ever you are in all over the world dose
not matter to us, what matter a lot to
us is to see you happy and rich, we are
giving you the chance here to be what
so ever you want to be in life, join the
Illuminati secret brothers hood and get
all you need in life, we offer every thing
you need in life, if you are really ready
to make it in life is better you join us
now! or contact his nub....+2347086350167
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: join illuminati
E-mail: Contact
ATTENTION YOU ALL: I am agent james clitom the Illuminati official agent,i am from united kingdom and I join Illuminati in US,i have been give the alternative to expose Illuminati toa the universe that Illuminati is real when you met the rightful agent like me james cliton,i have been an agent to this brotherhood more than eight year now and I am still a member and agent,don't be afraid to contact us if you are willing to join this fraternity, this fraternity welcome anybody in this wide world,this comment is been post by head office,the last comment that was past by the head office in UK was been using by fraudsters and the comment has been stopped by the Lord and from now upward (4 August 2016) we the Illuminati have stop using it because a lot of scammed are now creating a fake UK number,that is why will have come with new identity number to locate the rightful agent by calling the head office in USA not in UK anymore,ignore +44 has head office from today 4 August 2016 and start calling +1 has head office number for conform,be ware that no need for calling UK number has Illuminati head office,is now located in US,for confirmation call +1(862)260-4433
To join call james cliton at +(234)9050141438 or In-box us on E-mail: or visit us on website at (http;//joinilluminati80.wix
Beware that will the Illuminati is now working on a new program to limited fraudsters and scammer that always use our comment to aim and achieve,please don't call UK number has head office has confirmation,it has be bandy by us the Illuminati now at 4 august 2016 call +1(862)260-4433 as confirmation number,no need of contacting us mobile chat as face-book,james mike,you are ask to whatsapp an E-mail us,for joining,don't face-book any agent,it is not our access to join on face-book chat,the only alternative to join is to E-mail/ james cliton at +2347035486311
The rightful identity of us the Illuminati:

HEAD OFFICE: +1(862)260-4433
CALL: +234(9050141438
Be aware of scammer and contact us the real Illuminati,reach us through james cliton from now,
Fake identity of us Illuminati this list below:
Head office is not located in UK anymore, don't add anybody with UK number and don't E-mail any email that is not
Please don't lead yourself to fraudsters all the name of Illuminati,the complain of I have been scam is more than what will can complicated with!save your self by contacting us through this comment of us the Illuminati head office,.......................
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: jones
From: nigeria
E-mail: Contact
Am glad today because am now a successful
man of Illuminati,i have taught of been one
of the Illuminati member so that i will be
wealthy, popular, and famous in life and my
family will be forever rich. I get a linked up
by my primary school friend who is well
known. He introduce me to a man who have
a successful influence with this occult
Illuminati. He really did all for me, and now
am so glad of becoming a Illuminati
member, I am now rich and wealthy.
Illuminati is a great and powerful means to
get popular in life. So if you really want to
be like me today Contact:illuminatiworldwidem@g....... call or whatsapp +2347066577237...or whatsapp the lord +2348126257125..
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: barry
From: usa
E-mail: Contact
Hello. vewer am here to share my testimony on how I finally join

the Illuminati hood and became rich , I tried all my possible best to

become a member of the hood but I was scam several times ,

before I finally come across a testimony on net so I contacted the

agent , I was so afraid that he will ask me for lot of money before I

can join the hood but to my greatest surprise he only ask me to

obtain the membership form which I did and today, am so happy to

say to the world that am one of the richest by having the sum of $

360 millions dollars in my personal account as a new member in

Africa and am also known all over the world with the business

given to me by the Illuminati and also have power to do that which

I want . .. ... I know so many people may be on my lane also

looking for help .Here is his>> Email dgreatpowerfullilluminati@gmail .com

You can get in touch with him. OR contact him with this number whatsapp
+2347052302954, thamks.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: donwhite`
From: d
E-mail: Contact

Are you frustrated in life. What type of wealth do you want? Today the lucifer has order us to bring member to his kingdom. Are you tired of poverty and now you want fame,power and riches.Our magical powers are beyond your imagination. we could do magic on your behalf regarding , your financial situation, future events, or whatever is important to you. we have the power and we use the power. we are illuminati, and we could change the course of destiny. Get to us and we shall help you. Tell us what it is you want and we shall go about our work. Is it someone or something you desire to have? Do you want wealth(Want to grow your bank account?, Need funds to enjoy the good life? Tired of working hard and getting know where?) or happiness? the most power society welcomes you to illuminati.. contact illuminati initiation home Send us your most important desire and we shall work our powers in your favor. When filling out the online order form, be sure to tell illuminati what you wan contact us Via email :

1.A Cash Reward of USD $500,000 USD.
2.A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $300,000 USD.
3.A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice.
4.One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream tourist destination.
5.One year Golf Membership package.
6.A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World.
7.A total Lifestyle change.
8.Access to Bohemian Grove.
9.Monthly payment of $1,000,000 USD into your bank account every month as a member
10.One Month booked Appointment with Top 5 world Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities in the World.

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Submitted by Comments:
From: south african
E-mail: Contact
Greetings to everyone.i am Andrew Vince from Johannesburg south Africa.and i managed a little business firm.After some months i started facing some financial challenges to move on with the i went borrowing loan from financial institutions despite that,i was left out in the business race.on faithful day on my way to an eatery,i met an old friend who is very wealthy and i wanted to be like him so i explained to him my challenges and he promised to help me by telling me to contact: or +2348147461232.that every problem will be okay if i joined the brotherhood that i will be given $ 200,000usd,a car and a house for compensation as a new member which i did and it came through.ever since i joined the brotherhood,everything is going well.I'm now living fine and i now own one of the biggest company in south if you want to leave with such testimony kindly or +2348147461232 for more info on how to join,.,.,.,.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mario Castro
From: U K
E-mail: Contact

Private post. Click to view.

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Submitted by Comments:
E-mail: Contact
Hello!!! Do you want to be a member of the great illuminati and start receiving
50,000,000,00USD monthly and be popular among others and have riches and fame,,this is the only chance of being of the illuminati..I was sent by the freemason high chief to bring 52 members into the illuminati,I have gotten 32,so we looking for 20,,so try and be among the tweenty people to be rich and famous, WhatsApp us oN; +2349061977495 OR Email us on ; so we can begin the joining process!!!
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