Feedback from participants at our

2013 US and Canadian Conferences

"This was the best conference I have attended in 22 years of being a licensed vet tech in both N.C. and Florida.  Excellent facility, speakers
& knowledge!  Ten plus!"  (Sharon… veterinary technician)

"Everything was clear, concise and to the point!  I loved this conference!  Thank you!"  (Emily... Friend of the Shelter volunteer)

"Animal behavior is such an important subject that is so often NOT discussed in the rescue and veterinary community forums.  It is such a simple thing that has the ability to positively affect so many facets of animal care.  Thank you for bringing it to the forefront of discussion."  (anonymous veterinarian)

"I really enjoyed the whole experience.  Very useful information presented in a clear & easy to understand format. 
Loved the hands-on!"  (anonymous)

"Your information was helpful and very informative, and so many vets, pet owners and anyone would benefit from your knowledge.  I commend you for your work and compassion.  I LOVED the treadmill demos.  Seeing it live & in person makes me think that
I can do it, too!  (anonymous)

"I thought that the conference was wonderful. I received a lot of great information to take back with me to use at my shelter." 
(Karen… shelter manager)

"The conference was amazing!  Thank you for letting me
be a part of it! 
(Erica… veterinary technician & dog rescuer)

"As a dog trainer who believes she specializes in behavioral psychology, I have left with even more knowledge that I can even describe.  Safe Harbor Farm is a haven to those who need it
the most!  (Samantha… dog trainer)

"Thank you so much for what you do."  (anonymous)

"I have grown up with animals all my life, from reading books to hands-on.  But I haven t come close to the vast amount of information you presented.  With my eight rescue animals, treats are plentiful but the wallet is thin… it never dawned on me that a smile was just as valuable to the animals!  Don t change a thing! This was a very informative and FUN conference.  Thank you for offering it."  
(Brenda… dog rescuer & transporter)

The temperament testing info is invaluable!  That hopefully will help get some dogs into a rescue that would normally not be picked out
to go to a rescue.  (anonymous)

"I loved it, and feel like I learned a lot!  You did a great job of explaining each subject so I could fully understand. I got lots of great notes to help me better my life and the life of my dogs.  I appreciate you having done this and letting me be a part of it.  This really helped me change my views even more when it comes to spay/neuter and dog psychology."  (Philomena… dog rescuer)

"Excellent work… glad to be a charter member of a movement."  (anonymous)

"To describe my experience of the training provided to (us) I would use the words enlightening and inspirational!  The treadmilling demonstration using TAS dogs and Hiker was the highlight. Watching them gave me such an appreciation for their personalities.  The exercise allowed that to come out.  Each of them was so different, but the outcome was the same.  They were successful.  This treadmilling exercise exposed their personalities and allowed us to learn so much about them. 
This is so valuable (since) we can share this information with potential adopters and make a much better match, benefiting both
the dogs and their new owners."
(Esther Attard, DVM - Toronto Animal Services veterinarian)

"I appreciated the videos and demonstrations which made the methods and concepts clear."  (Rachel… shelter worker)

"Good energy… hands-on great.  Thank you!" 
(Dan… boarding facility operator)

"Liked the location & the topics were good.  Liked the treadmilling segment." (anonymous)

The course was excellent.  I really liked the video clips.  This would be a good topic for any state veterinary CE conference.  The material
was clear and easy to understand."
(anonymous veterinarian)

Thanks for your efforts to make our world a better place for animals!  I really enjoyed the conference and have already begun to incorporate some of the things I learned with my own pack of 7 and with our shelter!  (Laura... Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter)

The material was very clear!  We liked it all, especially understanding the
importance of exercise and energy levels and the importance of the
energy level of the pack leader.  Non-verbal communication is powerful!
(Scotland County Humane Society staff)

So much to learn!  So well presented!  Loved every minute.
I'm going to implement better intake procedures, new computer
match-ups in our lobby and better walking paths for
our shelter ASAP.
(Jacquie...Friends of the Colleton County Animal Shelter)