May, June and September dates soon to be announced for 2014!
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Information below is for the SOLD OUT Winter 2014 Conference,
held in Raleigh, NC on January 18-19.


Friday, January 17

   6:30 - 7:30 pm  Check-in & pick up badges

Saturday, January 18

      7:15 - 7:50  Check-in & pick up badges
                         Enjoy donuts & coffee

8:00 - 12:20   SEMINARS

         Conference Introduction
                The need to be "multi-lingual" when working with animals
                Human social rules vs canine social rules 
                Why be interested in how dogs think?

         Quiet, calm & peaceful dogs (at a shelter!) - VIDEOS
                Creating canine routines that...
                  (1) build trust;
                  (2) teach patience, acceptance of leashes & general manners;
                  (3) address hyperactivity, submissive urination & resource guarding issues;
                  (4) reward good behavior, and
                  (5) expand pack cohesiveness
                 efficiently, effectively, humanely & economically.

           Canine Behavior & the Concept of Energy
                 Hi-energy dogs vs. low-energy dogs (size does not matter)
                 Defining the "default mode" of a dog
                     The importance of reaching level 1
                 Personal energy
                 Concept of balance
                 Working with hospitalized and shelter dogs
                      Training hospital & shelter staffs
                      Recognizing the best people to be working with the animals
                 Addressing "poor baby" syndrome!
                 Matching the right dog with the right home
                 Forward movement & the psychological rehabilitation of dogs

          Routines and rituals - Bringing out the best in dogs
                 Why rituals & routines? 
                 What's the big deal about walking?
                      The male dog myth
                      Pack walking to address issues
                 Posture & position
                 No touch, no talk, no eye contact - why & when
                 Helping clients who are new parents     
                 Creating Positive Packs wherever the dogs are
                      Hospitals, boarding kennels, shelters & rescues
                 Rules, boundaries & limitations for the new dog
                      New adoptees, new patients to a veterinary hospital, new dogs at a shelter
                 Where time spent up front saves lots of time spent later

        12:20 - 1:30    LUNCH

1:30 - 5:30   SEMINARS

Non-verbal communication in dogs (and a few cats, too!)
                  Smiles, tail wags & happy feet
                  What the tails are telling you & what to do about it
                  Isolated dogs: problems in the making
                  Ignoring a dog to build trust
                  What we say with our hands
                  Picturing success, and getting it
                  When your voice says "come," but your body says "stay back"
                  What your leash is telling your dog
                  How your staff & volunteers can improve the client-pet bond 
                  Your staff & owner-protective dogs (how to get everyone on the same side)
                  Kennel construction
                  Using one dog to build another's trust
                  Claiming space; threshold behavior
                  Jumping dogs
                  Resource guarding

          Verbal communication (going beyond "good boy!")
                 The problem with saying "good boy" to bad boys
                 Timing is EVERYTHING
                 Substitute behaviors (when NO conveys the wrong message)
                 Reading the barks
                 Knowing when to intervene and when not to

              Naming the behavior - teaching our language to our dogs

          Energy and response
                Picking the appropriate response
                Capturing the keep-aways



     Sunday, January 19

      7:15 - 7:50   Breakfast donuts & coffee

      8:00 - 11:00  SEMINARS

       Aggression is not aggression is not aggression  (taking the fang out of "Fang")
              Fear-based aggression  (I'm going to get you before you get me)
              Resource-guarding  (mine, mine, mine, mine)
              Food aggression (this is sooooo easy to address!)
              Dominance aggression  (who's the top dog?)
              Fence-generated aggression  (who are you and why do you act that way?)
              Prey drives
              The need for an appropriate response!
              Temperament testing for the average Joe

       De-stressing for dogs (and their people, too)
              No pop-psychology, just many years of experience from working with shelter dogs
              Making the choice to lead the way with leadership behavior
              Living in the moment (dog fights & dog friends)
                   Learning to let go of frustration
               An excited dog is not necessarily a happy one
                   Teaching "quiet dog"
              Controlling the volcano: how exercise, disciplines, and then affection can help
                       with separation anxiety
              Veterinary clinic animal housing vs shelter housing
              Cats, cleaning & pheromones
              Introducing new dogs, umbilical leashes & default modes, revisited


       11:00 - 12:00   PIZZA AT THE CONFERENCE CENTER

       12:00 - 5:00   SEMINARS

       Interactive Teaching:  Treadmills 101 
       (Treadmilling for rehabilitation, exercise, conditioning & behavioral issues)

                Forward momentum & muscle memory
                Exercise first, then lessons
                Treadmilling for psychological rehabilitation
                      Anxiety issues (including separation anxiety)
                      Interdog aggression issues
                How to introduce dogs to treadmills - when to use what approach
                Managing (but not micromanaging) treadmilling dogs

       The Chihuahua from Hell and the Anxious Doberman (case studies)
                Introducing muzzles & leashes to scared dogs
                The value of repeated movements
                Positive, negative & neutral zones of cages & carriers
                Managing anxiety & prey drive

Building a balanced pack
                Keeping the peace
                Rehabilitation for other dogs

        Interactive Teaching: Troubleshooting shelter & rescue dogs


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15.5 C.E. credits
approved for NC, SC and MN
veterinarians & vet techs!

"This was the best conference I have attended in 22 years of being a licensed vet tech in
both N.C. and Florida.  Excellent facility, speakers & knowledge! 
Ten plus!"  (Sharon… veterinary technician)

"I thought that the conference was wonderful!  I received a lot of great information to take back with me
to use at my shelter."  (Karen… shelter manager)

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