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SHF is a volunteer-driven 61-acre dog & turtle rescue and sanctuary. Although we care for 20-30 animals on a daily basis and we occasionally have dogs available for adoption, our primary mission is to keep good dogs in good homes while providing their owners with positive, practical and proactive training in canine (and human) behavior.
  Cape Fear Spay-neuter Clinic
  Castle Hayne, NC
  (near Wilmington)
  910 602-1101

  Spay Today Clinic
  Greenville, NC
  (near Pitt County shelter)
  252 321-8839
Practical K9 behavior 
training for facilities

(veterinary clinics, shelters, rescues and
       boarding/day care operations)
For practical information about canine behavior, plus:

  * how to train your dog at home (by training yourself),
     moment-by-moment and in-the-moment

  * how to prevent/address common issues,
     such as:
         anxiety                poor manners
         aggression           resource-quarding
         barking                stranger reactivity
         hyperactivity        submissive urination

  * how to choose the dog of your dreams and what
     to do in the first half-hour (to help guarantee success)
The SMILE! Project
for libraries
click HERE to read the first two chapters, excerpts from all 32 chapters and Table of Contents
Safe Harbor Farm K9 offers deep discounts
on copies of SMILE! to animal shelters, dog
rescues, veterinary clinics and boarding/
training facilities for staff & volunteer
training and resale to adopters and clients.
For excellent advice on everything feline, we can happily recommend books by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Some of them are:

  * Think Like a Cat
  * Twisted Whiskers
  * Cat vs. Cat
  * Psycho Kitty
  * Hiss n' Tell
at SHF
SHF has 2 EWS sites for Workampers who help with SHF trail and maintenance projects. For more information, click on the goat!
Would your public, high school or prison library like a donated copy of SMILE? If so, click on the happy dog!
Hoping to make your facility more canine-
intuitive and stress-free?
We wrote THIS user-friendly book to help you!
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Who we are:
Dog-walking paths (2 miles plus!)
School programs in animal behavior & nature
Got a DOG
"I can't believe how quickly I was able to turn things around...simply by changing a few things I was doing! SMILE! discusses human and canine behavior, and that's what makes it so helpful. HIGHLY recommend! 
(Janette - owner of 3 dogs)
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   order to get the correct number!
Call 349 022 4252* to request information.
50-PLUS walking hours around the pond
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